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We charge for pre-orders when you place the order.  We do so for a few different reasons.  We do so to keep our processing simplified and limit the amount of times your payment method is being authorized to just one.  

As collectors, we believe that it helps collectors budget better when payment is made at the time of purchase.  

For full details please review our preorder policy.

Any pre-order can be canceled as long as it has not already been shipped to you.  There is a 10% cancelation fee for any preorder canceled with a direct refund (to your original payment method) or you can get store credit (which has no fees).  Message us using the "chat with us" widget on the bottom right with the order number and let us know if you want the direct refund with 10% fee or Store Credit. 

For full details please review our pre-order policy.

We wish!  Due to the variable nature of the manufacturers, pre-order dates are never guaranteed.  

As collectors, we know how frustrating it can be!  Especially if you see the product you pre-ordered pop up on another website or "in the wild."   The truth is that every retailer on the planet has ZERO guarantee as to how quickly they receive their product.  

We use distributors that receive orders from both Eastern & Westerns ports in an attempt to have product as early as possible!  For more details, checkout our Pre-Order Policy.  

We update Pre-Order ETA dates for all products at the beginning of every month which makes visiting the product page the fastest way to get an update. Dates are provided by the manufacturers and are only estimates.  If an item that you pre-ordered is no longer on the site please message us for an update. 

Pre-orders are shipped first come, first serve.  That means the quicker you get your pre-order placed, the quicker you will receive it.   This comes into play most if products arrive in multiple shipments.  For full details please review our preorder policy.

In-Stock items ship within 24 - 48 hours on all business days.  

At this time we ship to all United States Outlaying States & Territories, Canada, & The United Kingdom.  We hope to offer more international options by summer of 2023!

Absolutely. To turn on the "courtesy hold" feature, send us a message on the "chat with us" widget in the bottom right corner.  Right now our method is to have your order as you normally would and then let us know when you want things shipped.  Once we ship the items, we will refund your the difference in actual shipping costs vs. what you paid.

We are working on a more user friendly solution to this system much like Big Bad Toy Stores "Pile of Loot" but the technology is actually quite involved.

We primarily use USPS & UPS.  For international shipments, we may utilize Fedex and DHL.

It depends where you are located and the size/weight of your order.  Please see our full shipping policy for details.  

International shipping is complicated and expensive.  Some countries are notorious for not accepting items at customs.  We limit the countries we ship to based on these factors.  

Checkout our Packaging Policy to see how seriously we take packaging your toys.  We also will only use environmentally friendly packaging with our shipments.    

No, we do all shipping ourselves with the help of our team!

Very carefully!  We use a combination of air pillows and kraft paper to ensure your products arrive the same way they shipped!

Sales tax in the United States is incredibly complicated and depends on nexus points.  

The simple answer is that we charge sales tax to addresses located in the below states.  This list will be updated as our company grows and sales tax laws change.  




New Jersey

You can checkout our full refund policy here.  

Give us a call!  Our customer support line is open Monday - Friday from 9am-3pm EST.  


We strike to be 100% accurate, but in reality there will always be occasional errors.  We are committed to fixing them and ensuring you are 100% taken care of, just send us a message using the "chat with us" widget on the bottom right of the screen.  

We sure do!  (717) 379 - 4020

Information on your rewards and how many points you have earned can be found on the menu within your account.  You can find information about how the rewards program works, including how to earn rewards and how points can be redeemed, here.

We sure do!  Learn more about it here!
Send us a message using the chat widget with the order number(s) and new address and we will get this updated for you ASAP!
Send us a message using the chat feature with the order number and tracking number and we will investigate and help get this resolved!
Maybe, it depends on the accounts status.  Shoot us a message using the "chat with us" widget on the bottom right and we will see what we can do!
First, try to reset your password.  If that does not work, send us a message using the "chat with us" widget on the bottom right of the screen and we will help get you in!

We only ship products that meet our package condition policy.  Our packaging procedures were created to ensure that packaging looks great upon arrival.  If your packaging arrives in a way that you are unhappy with, please contact us.

No, we do not have and affiliate program

Sometimes! Shoot us a message on the "chat with us" widget on the bottom right of the screen with your account size and we will see if its a good fit!

We are a company ran by collectors.  Our transparency is our best asset.  Need to talk to someone?  Our phone number is posted on the website!  Want to get to know the people behind the brand? Check us out on YouTube!

We do not, but who knows what the future holds!

When it comes to exclusive products like this its always difficult to say.  If we are able to get it, you will see it listed as a pre-order or as "sold-out".  Anything that does not have a product page on the site is NOT imminent.  That said, we are talking with contacts every single day around the world trying to get the hottest new exclusive, so things change quick!

At this time we do not.